On the mend from IBS

I was suffering from IBS for more than 7 years. I tried everything but to no avail. By a great stroke of luck and grace, my search led me to Sri Manoj Thakur of VYASA Yoga, Singapore. Manoj-ji introduced me to Dr H R Nagendra - Renowed Yogi and Chancellor, SVYASA - Bangalore. Dr H R Nagendra has published 30 books in Yoga, authored and co-authored 50 research papers. guided nearly 150 dissertations and presented nearly 60 papers relating to yoga therapy in leading conferences all over the world. (VYASA, Singapore is a branch of SVYASA, Bangalore.)

Dr H R Nagendra clearly enunciates in his lectures, DVDs and books - the theory and practice of curing NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) via Yoga Therapy. Within 3 months of regular practices of the digestive disorder yoga therapy program designed by Dr H R Nagendra's and administered by Manoj-ji in Singapore, my IBS was under control. I feel I have my life back ! I cannot thank Dr H R Nagendra and Sri Manoj Thakur enough.

If you are searching for answers to curing an NCD (anxiety & depression, asthama, arthritis, back pain, digestive disorders, diabetes, heart diseases, etc), I would urge you to visit the SVYASA website, listen to the lectures by Dr H R Nagendra and Dr R Nagrathna (Chief Medical Officer, SVYASA) on YouTube and call Sri Manoj Thakur of VYASA, Singapore and/or visit SVYASA, Bangalore. Details of all the above are available on the internet.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.


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