Poulomi Basu


A life-changing learning

At 35 yrs of age, I realized for the 1st time that I had created my life exactly as it is now!

Seems whatever had happened to me in the course of my life, had been so as I had drawn them in with the thoughts I had been thinking, and the energy I had been emanating. All my jobs, my relationships, my successes and my failures, were all connected to how I felt from within and how I framed my thoughts.

And I understood this by stumbling on to a theory called Law of Attraction. Am sure many of you have heard about this before, but this was so dramatic for me, I just had to share. The basic principle says ‘Like Attracts Like’. Whatever you think of and visualize and imagine with emotion, will manifest. So if you have a clear vision of what you want, and focus on it enough, you will get it eventually, no matter how the present conditions seem far away from that. For more information, check this: http://www.thelawofattraction.com/

As I read it, everything made sense!

When I was a teenager, this was my story:
• Weight: 95 kgs
• Height: 5’3”
• Style: Indian traditional, which covers up my body completely, flat, boring shoes
• Career path I was expected to have: MBA, and then a corporate job
• Location: Kolkata, a pretty conservative city in terms of dressing up
• Boyfriend: 0. Was expected to find someone in Kolkata and get married

But somehow, this didn’t affect me at all. Whenever I imagined my future, this is what I saw:
• Weight: <60 kgs
• Style: Pretty dresses, skirts, high heels
• Career path: Fun, dynamic, creative
• Location: Mumbai
• Boyfriend: Open-minded hunk, whom I would meet through my office, but not be working directly with. Flaming romance ;)

I knew nothing about the LOA, but I loved the feeling I got through my visualization, and I kept thinking about it and imagining it more and more. Every chance I got. And thus was always in a good feeling place. I never tried to make anything happen, sort of went with the flow, listened to my heart while taking decisions.

Fast forward to a few years in 2005: I was in Mumbai, weighed 58 kgs, working in advertising, dating a colleague from a different department. And it still didn’t strike me till 10 yrs later.

Later I went on to manifest my whole career, jobs, relationships, locations, without even knowing it. I manifested my marriage, and my divorce. Losing my job, and getting an MBA. Living in Paris. But I thought it was only because of circumstances, and only when I stumbled on to the readings in 2015, I realized the extent of what I had been doing. Focusing on something so much, with so much joy, that it eventually appeared.

The great learning:

‘You are the creator of your own reality’. What you focus on and imagine, and feel about, will grow stronger and manifest.

And the greatest learning:

The power of your life is in our hands. We’re 100% responsible for everything that happens in our lives. We’re not the victims, we’re the creators.

And here’s the twist:

We’re responsible for all the positive that happens in our lives, and also for the negative. If we focus on negative things and expect situations to turn bad, then they will. If we have a dream but fear that we won’t get it, then we won’t. Good or bad, it’s all us. Success or failure, all us.
Especially when something bad happens to us, it is very easy to blame others for the experience, and shirk responsibility. And that is the exact opposite of what we need to do, as every experience teaches us something and takes us where we need to be. The only thing we need to do is focus on the lesson from the experience, be grateful for it, and leverage it to manifest what we actually want.

The belief to retain then:

It’s all right. It’s ALL RIGHT. It’s not that everything will be ok, everything is exactly right, now. It is as and how it needs to be, to take everyone individually to what they have focused on.

My personal belief:

FULL FULL. I read this somewhere. The glass is never half full. It’s always completely full. Half with water and half with air. We just can’t see the air. If we try hard enough, we will be able to see the good in every experience, we will be able to focus on the positive, fill ourselves with that energy, and then events and circumstances will happen that will lead to so much joy, peace, happiness and abundance, that we can’t even imagine.

So we need to step up and take control of our lives. That is the biggest power and fear of all.


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