SoulKids Self Confidence for Children

Our 2 day weekend program 

  • Saturday 20 / Sunday 21 February (10am-4pm) for 6-10 year olds 
SoulKids® programs are conducted in 3 different specialized training modules.
1. 'Self–Confidence' module 
2. 'Creative Mind-set' module 
3. 'Self-Mastery' module
In all the 3 modules, specialized training is given on the focus subject. In addition children are also taught how their mind works and how they are responsible for their own choices and actions.
The SoulKids® programs help children become more confident, empowered, happy and successful in all aspects of life.
SoulKids training supports and complements the academic training children receive in schools.

NEW ! Regular Training modules / Holiday camps
  • If your child wants to stay connected to SoulKids over a longer period, we are planning 10 week modules and 4 days holiday camps  - please write to us at or