Meditation for Children - Level 1

In todays fast paced world, children need to learn how to manage their mind, emotions and actions.

How? Meditation is the answer.

Vikas makes meditation easy to learn and fun for children, and the skills they gain will last a lifetime. The meditation teaching offered by SoulCentre is NON-religious, and will benefit children of all ages and nationalities. Vikas will train children on how our mind and thoughts affect our experience of life. He will share simple techniques children will enjoy and can use immediately. Vikas will also support them in issues they experience such as anger, frustration, jealousy and hurt.

Benefits that each participant will experience:

1) Inner peace and ability to deal with stress
2) Improved attention/concentration and focus
3) Improved self-esteem 
4) Tools to manage emotions
5) Enhanced relaxation
6) Enhanced appreciation & gratitude
7) Effective technique to create their own happiness and joy
8) Ability to handle difficult situations
9) Ability to perform better at school and in sports

With Vikas on Sunday March 6 and Sunday March 13 (2.30pm -5pm)


Only S$ 225 per child (includes a blessing bracelet and book, valued at S$ 70)
Ideal for children under 15

Limited seats.

Please book early!