‘Secrets of the 2016 Yang Fire Monkey Year’ – An Inspirational talk at SoulCentre

Enjoy an inspirational morning on Wednesday 17 February with Sally Forrest, Managing Director of SoulCentre as she shares with you the elements of the 2016 Fire Monkey year and what effects they will bring.
Understand more about how the energies of the year can affect our actions, moods, health, world events and learn helpful practices to remain stable and grounded no matter what the year brings.
Fun, informative yet deeply wise, the wisdom shared will ensure you plan the best year yet and have clear guidelines on how to maximise the years effects.

Timing 10am - 12 noon 
Date: Wednesday 17 February 
Venue: SoulCentre at Bencoolen Street
Investment = S$25
Special Fee for MindBodyAdvisor readers - S$15 only
Please write to us at contact@mindbodyadvisor.com for the discount coupon!