Theme: The Undiscovered Country

This year, TEDxSingapore has curated our most significant TEDx ever since we were founded six years ago. 'The Undiscovered Country' celebrates the rich diversity of ideas, talents and stories from Singapore’s past and present, and explores and ask: What latent potential lie within us and in Singapore? What runs deep within you about our past and future? What undiscovered aspects of yourself and of Singapore shall we express? What possibilities shall we imagine?

We have over 30 speakers, artists and musicians, and for the first time, we have three TED speakers, including the most prolific TED speaker in history, Hans Rosling, and the founder of Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler.

We've also created a huge idea space with a specially-curated bookshop, WalkTheTalk tours, hands-on innovation demos, interactive activities to connect and co-create.

Speaker list:

November 6, 2015
Nanyang Auditorium
50 Nanyang Avenue
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore, 01, 639798