Privacy Policy

Last Updated - 15 October 2015
MindBodyAdvisor is owned by MindBodyAdvisor (“MindBodyAdvisor”, “Mind Body Advisor”, “Us”, “We”, “Our”). Any reference to our website in the agreement below is not limited to MindBodyAdvisor and also refers to access through our platform in any form or format.
Protecting your personal information and your privacy is really important to us. This Privacy Policy details how we gather and utilize your personal details. For any clarifications please contact us and we will get back you immediately:
Information collected
In order to communicate with you and to manage your account, we collect “individually relevant information” on you that helps us identify you and provide you a personalized level of service. For example, this includes but is not limited to, your name, email address and location.
Information collected on Login and/or Registration
Undertaking a number of activities on the site requires you to register and/or login on the site, which gives MindBodyAdvisor access to individually relevant information. These activities include but are not limited to contributing, sharing, liking, commenting and appreciating reviews and experiences and partaking in engagements with fellow seekers. Individually relevant information collected may for example include but is not limited to your name, user name, password, location, IP address, other optional information provided by you in your profile and information based on your browsing behavior on the platform. Providing additional information beyond what we require at registration and/or login is optional, but provides a more wholesome browsing experience on the platform.
You may request that your account be deactivated and your individually relevant information removed from our database by emailing us. In case you do so we will remove your individually relevant information as soon as reasonably possible subject to applicable law and our deactivation policy. This may result in us retaining information that we require to resolve disputes, enforce our Terms of Service Agreement or resolve troubleshooting problems. Please note that it is not possible to completely and comprehensively delete all of your information and remove it from our databases due to technical and legal constraints including backup storage.

Other information collected
Reviews, experiences, photos and videos you decide to post on MindBodyAdvisor are made public to all users of MindBodyAdvisor and we are not required to keep of this content private. All information you submit will be subject to this Privacy Policy. Visiting MindBodyAdvisor could result in us collecting information regarding your IP address and browser type, which is stored through cookies. It is possible for you to set your browser to not allow cookies or to notify you when cookies are being set.

Use of information collected
MindBodyAdvisor may use your individually relevant information and/or personal information and/or other information collected during your browsing to optimize our service to you, personalize your browsing experience, improve our marketing and promotional efforts, improve our products and services, analyze usage and provide customized solutions to you. Information can also be used towards resolving troubleshooting issues, disputes, technical issues on the platform and adhering to our Terms of Service Agreement.
Access to such information may also be provided to trusted third parties who work us, for example but not limited to, marketing and technical service providers. In such cases information is shared with third parties only to the extent required.
MindBodyAdvisor may also require to disclose individually relevant information to third parties when required by law or if we believe that disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with a judicial process, (b) enforce this privacy policy or the Terms of Service Agreement, (c) reply to claims that your information violates the rights of third parties, (d) protect the rights of MindBodyAdvisor and/or its users or others, or if (e) MindBodyAdvisor becomes involved in a merger, acquisition, or other transaction resulting in a change of control of MindBodyAdvisor.

Advertising and promotions with third parties
In order to provide a high quality of service to you at a nominal or nil cost, we may provide information on your personal preferences to third party advertisers. Such advertisements or promotions may be provided directly on the platform and/or through email and social media. Such advertisers may also place cookies on your computer through access to MindBodyAdvisor. MindBodyAdvisor does not have access to these cookies. Such third parties are provided aggregated or non-individually relevant information, with the intent of protecting your privacy on a best efforts basis.

Accessing other sites
This privacy policy applies only to MindBodyAdvisor. Links provided to other sites may be provided, over which we have no control. These other websites may place cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or request individually relevant information from you. MindBodyAdvisor provides no responsibility for the privacy policies and terms of service of such sites.

Security of the MindBodyAdvisor platform
We treat your privacy with the utmost seriousness and make every endeavor on an ongoing basis to protect unauthorized access to your information. Although we cannot guarantee against a security breach, we will make any legally required disclosures of any breach of security, confidentiality, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored personal data to you by email and/or displaying it clearly on the site, as soon as reasonably possible, subject to the requirements of law enforcement or any measures deemed necessary to determine the extent of the security breach and/or to restore security to the platform.

Validity of this Privacy Policy
Updates to the privacy policy of MindBodyAdvisor may take place at our sole discretion. Any changes are posted on this page with the latest revision date mentioned on top. Information is collected in accordance with the Privacy Policy of that time on a best efforts basis, subject to technical and legal constraints. Any material change will result in us placing a notice notifying you of the change. If you have not consented within 30 days to a change which affects how your individually relevant information is treated, your account will be suspended automatically, and your individually relevant information will continue to be treated according to the earlier privacy policy in place, till the time that you may choose to consent to the change. 
Any dispute or claim relating to this privacy policy or its prior version shall be resolved as provided in our Terms of Service Agreement. This privacy policy is governed by the terms of the MindBodyAdvisor Terms of Service Agreement, available for review here.