19 March 2017
"Whacko, psycho, cray cray" - what we know of mental illness today...
Mental health continues to draw the attention of American politics in the aftermath of every gun violence. But fewer than 5% of the 120,000 gun-related killings were perpetrated by people diagnosed with mental illness! [American Journal of Public Health, Feb 2015]
Do we really understand what mental illness is? #talkingmentalhealth#mentalhealthfact

7 March 2017
Hidden innuendos? #talkingmentalhealth #depression

6 March 2017
Light relief...
#talkingmentalhealth #depression

22 February 2017
Did you know?
Syd Barrette of Pink Floyd, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and John Nash - the nobel price winning Mathematician have all suffered psychotic systems of Schizophrenia. 
Understanding such mental illnesses better might be a way to compassion for those in the immediate environment of patients. 

10 February 2017
We use the terms OCD and anxiety way to loosely. Do we actually understand what those terms really mean?

3 February 2017
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that affects 5% of children ages 4 to 17 [American Psychiatric Association]
Children with ADHD often have other mental issues. All disabilities are not visible. It is important to educate all children about ADHD so they can treat their peers with kindness and compassion. 
#talkingmentalhealth #ADHD

1 February 2017
"I know that I will always be walking a tight rope; but the tighter the rope, the higher the stakes, the more disciplined and stronger you're forced to become out of pure necessity in order to survive and that in itself is a gift because of who it makes you." - Paul Dalio, Director, Touched with Fire 
#talkingmentalhealth #bipolardisorder #breakthestigma

31 January 2017
It's not always what it looks from the outside. Lend a listening ear to someone who might need it today. #breakthestigma #talkingmentalhealth

29 January 2017

The Syrian Civil War is plaguing it's people with mental health issues. A war repercussion that can hardly be addressed with the current infrastructure and support system.
#mentalhealthtoday #talkingmentalhealth

28 January 2017

Food writer, communications professional and a mother of two shares what it is to suffer from depression - and what it is not. #talkingmentalhealth

27 January 2017
We will directly or indirectly be impacted by mental health illness in our lifetime. We have the opportunity to make a difference. What role can we play in breaking the collective social hush? #talkingmentalhealth

28 October 2016
People may say its "a stage" but if it lasts too long, it might need attention. #talkingmentalhealth

26 October 2016
Workplace depression is real and is impacting the bottom line and GDP. A study involving 8 countries showed that the estimated economic impact of depression is US$229 billion. #talkingmentalhealth

14 October 2016
Caregivers play an important role in supporting mental health recovery. However being over exposed to someone else's black dog can begin to rub off. Mindfulness can help deal with difficult situations that keep you calm in the moment.

12 October 2016
Mental illness is like any other bodily illness. Let's understand it better and while we're at it, lets remove the stigma.

11 October 2016
Mindfulness based cognitive therapy marries Eastern meditation with Western cognitive therapy and could be an alternative to long-term antidepressant medication

10 October 2016
Today marks the World Mental Health Day 2016. 
"Depression is sometimes referred to as the 'Black Dog.' Just like a real dog, it needs to be embraced, understood, taught new tricks and ultimately brought to heal." - World Health Organisation